L13 Xperiences

imagination. innovation. connection.


L13 Xperiences bridge the intersection of art, advocacy, tech, and strategy.

innovative design connecting the energies and inspirations of all peoples. #allisall



Art is a language understood by all. Communication ethereal and visceral, motivating and magnetic. Humans thrive off of artistic exploration and eloquence. L13X stands at the center of art that speaks to all ears, pounding the breasts of all hearts.



Advocacy that is open, empathic, action-driven, and driving. With sabers of love, we slash away the shackles of bias. A united army of handholding, high-kicking heels – making strides for those too long unheard, seen, appreciated, and served.



What are we, if not scientists, formed by the most sacred geometry of togetherness and forum? Data braces innovation – an architecture for the future. Expertly farmed data stands as the root of all we create. Strength is found in numbers.



Strategy to impact - add the necessary punch - complied and scoped by a team as diverse as us universal humans. Actions and Xperiences are groundbreaking and seamless, appearing as effortless magic upon launch. Magic takes Planning!



L13 X is a community of advocates, artists, technicians, scientists, strategists, imagineers, and innovators. Diverse in expertise, identity, lifestyles, loves, likes, and visions – we come together to groove to the beat of biases crushed, exclusion obliterated, solitude absolved, and trolls exterminated.

First a spark, a curiosity, a struggle for agency in a World bent on marginalization, stigmatizing, and objectification, L13 X began as the mission of our Brand Parent, Larissa – to make space for all peoples to celebrate, speak, listen, and make magic.

Reborn from her own experiences of assault and discrimination, Larissa refused others attempts to silence her voice and kill her spirit. Not a victim. A Phoenix. L13 X is a true “ah ha” moment as to the necessity for connectivity between like-minded, creative humans everywhere.

Trauma is in our blood. We are no strangers to the ignorance and cruelties of the arrogant. Yet we rise: resilient Superheroes. We are safe-space makers – creating sanctuaries for all peoples. We combat negativity with joy and collaboration. We are at war. Fighting for inclusion and diversity with arms made of inspiration, innovation, and beauty.

You are the scribe of your own legacy. YOU define YOU.  At L13 X, we all wear capes. No masks. We empower ALL people. And we party very, VERY hard!